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A destination wedding is a type of wedding where the couple chooses to get married in a location that is significant and often far away from their hometown or current place of residence. Instead of having the wedding in a traditional venue near their home

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    Picturesque Locations: Destination weddings often take place in stunning and exotic locations, such as tropical beaches, historic castles, vineyards, or scenic mountains. The natural beauty of the destination can serve as a breathtaking backdrop for your
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    Intimate Atmosphere: Destination weddings tend to be more intimate, with a smaller guest list composed of close friends and family. This allows for a more personal and meaningful celebration with those who matter most to you.
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    Extended Celebration: Destination weddings often span several days, allowing you and your guests to enjoy not just the wedding day itself but also additional pre-wedding and post-wedding activities. These can include welcome parties, beach bonfires, sight
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    Unique Cultural Experiences: Getting married in a different location or country can provide an opportunity to incorporate local traditions, customs, and cuisine into your wedding celebrations, creating a unique and culturally rich experience.
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    Memorable Photos: The unique setting of a destination wedding often results in stunning and memorable wedding photos that capture the beauty of the location and the joy of the occasion.
Netherlands tour Package

  • Private Cab for all Guest
  • Daily breakfast
  • Daily Dinner
  • Daily Lunch
  • Haldi Decoration
  • Mehendi Decoration
  • Bride Groom Special Entry
  • All Decoration
  • Rooms
  • Anything Not Mention in Inclusion
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